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Other services

We offer you these services because we trust our partner, Seguronzia Seguros.

Peñalver Lawyers can help you ensure what concerns you most through our trusted partner.

Life insurance

Do you have mortgage and are you worried about what will happen to the debt if you die? We guarantee a capital that will help cover that debt so that your family doesn't have to worry.


Did you know that every day you spend the money you have in the bank loses value? We have the SOLUTION. Whatever your profile, there is an investment that fits you. SECURITY, MAXIMUM LIQUIDITY and better PROFITABILITY.


We have many advantages, but the ones we highlight most are: Replacement vehicle in case of accident and a capital of accidents of the driver that no other insurance offers, at the best price.


Owner or tenant, main dwelling or house on the beach, flat or chalet. We have a home insurance for you. 24-hour assistance and emergency care commitment in 3 hours.


The best savings and the best fiscal financial returns for planning your retirement.

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